Prostitution Debate feat Derrick

Jan 9, 202043 minutes

Just a little debate I had with a friend, some good points were made.


Nov 3, 2019163 minutes

Lotta incredible content in this episode, tbh I forget what we talked about

Gamers Rise Up! #14: Earthbenders Made 50/hr in Iowa Adjusted for Inflation

Oct 14, 2019156 minutes

Aang is a J** hellbent on destroying the beauty of the Avatar World.

Gamers Rise Up! #Z - DBZ Special

Oct 9, 2019105 minutes

no Stella this ep, expect him next time.

Gamers Rise Up! #13: GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS

Sep 22, 201995 minutes

Stella dives into his gaming adventure.... with irl PUA shit.

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