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Gabe Nelson is a guest on Gamers Rise Up!

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Gamers Rise Up! #8: HOES MAD!!! Erdrick RAINS CLEAN WATER on Stinkies!

Aug 2, 201967 minutes

We talk Erdrick (Hero), some Avatar, undoing jewish morality, how the winners of wars write history books etc etc

Gamers Rise Up! #7: Avatar DEEP DIVE!! Fire Lord Sozin did nothing wrong!

Jul 21, 2019109 minutes

We break down Avatar The Last Airbender, and how it is a great representation of how progressives view progressivism.

Gamers Rise Up! #6: Shingeki no Juden!!! / Super Statutory Bros. ULTIMATE!

Jul 12, 2019123 minutes

We give you DOUBLE the content this week, for DOUBLE THE CONSUMPTION!!!!! Eat it up Goyim!!!

Gamers Rise Up! #5: Flint Michigan to Import Belle Delphine Bath Water

Jul 4, 201971 minutes

We talk about Randomizers, Boomers, its a good time frens

Gamers Rise Up! Ep 4 - Etika Breakdown

Jun 29, 201972 minutes

Gamers Rise Up! Ep 2 - E3 BABYYYY

Jun 10, 201980 minutes

A little too much spergery from Stella this episode.

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