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Gamers Rise Up! #15 Podcasts are NOT a part of Deaf Culture :(

Oct 28, 2019142 minutes

Songs - Kashiwa Daisuke - Subaru and Stella

We talk about James Younger, Avatar (last time I promise), Roms, Twitter is StellaUmbrella5, email is stella@rape.lol

Gamers Rise Up! #Z - DBZ Special

Oct 9, 2019105 minutes

no Stella this ep, expect him next time.

Gamers Rise Up! #13: GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS

Sep 22, 201995 minutes

Stella dives into his gaming adventure.... with irl PUA shit.

Gamers Rise Up! #10: Stella Gets Drunk, Ruins Everything

Aug 22, 201998 minutes

New Twitter @StellaUmbrella5, first not 10/10 ep this week, i dont mind if u skip

Gamers Rise Up! #9: Epstein Died right as I uploaded this (new twitter @StellaUmbrella5)

Aug 10, 201996 minutes

NEW TWITTER @StellaUmbrella5

Gamers Rise Up! #7: Avatar DEEP DIVE!! Fire Lord Sozin did nothing wrong!

Jul 21, 2019109 minutes

We break down Avatar The Last Airbender, and how it is a great representation of how progressives view progressivism.

Gamers Rise Up! #6: Shingeki no Juden!!! / Super Statutory Bros. ULTIMATE!

Jul 12, 2019123 minutes

We give you DOUBLE the content this week, for DOUBLE THE CONSUMPTION!!!!! Eat it up Goyim!!!

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